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10x20cm Film Camera Back Seal Light Foam Kit Sponge Sheet Adhesive 2mm 3mm 4mm

10x20cm Film Camera Back Seal Light Foam Kit Sponge Sheet Adhesive 2mm 3mm 4mm

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2mm/3mm/4mm Self Adhesive Film Camera Holder Back Repair Light Seal Baffle Foam Sponge Sheet 100mm x 200mm
Dimension: 100mm x 200mm
Thickness: 2mm/3mm/4mm. (Depend on your choice)

Function: For all film camera light seal replacement. With time by, film camera light seal foam aging and lead to light leakage, we have to replace new light proof seal.
Package Included: (the camera is not Included.)
Light seal foam sheet x1
Bamboo stick x1
Carbon fiber tweezers x1
Cotton swab x1
Installation manual x1

1. Made with quality Neoprene foam. 100% Synthetic material. 100% Cruelty-free.
2.You can choose the thickness as your requirement. The following information for your reference to choose the thickness:
2mm for various large 135 point and shoot cameras, and 135 rangefinder camera.
3mm average thickness, suitable for most applications, like film/view/field/vintage medium format and large format camera's lenses mount, roll film back, film holder, 35mm/120 negative canister......
4mm for various SLR cameras, around the back cover observation window of rangefinder camera.
3. Easy to cut with scissor / cutter and easy to apply with self-adhesive layer.
4.HIGH-DENSITY Foam Imported From Japan, superior quality. Packing and Cutting in China.
1. Compatible with laser cut for computerised precision cutting, foam may shrink if exposed to laser beam too long.
2. Please allow 24 hours for the adhesive layer to cure, i.e. close the film door and let the foam sit for a day. This allows micro adjustments during application.
NOTICE: Replacing camera light seal takes time and patient. We suggested to use a piece of paper as shutter protective film to prevent damage to the shutter curtain during application.

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