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Compact Developing Tank 2 Spiral Reel For Processing 120 135 126 127 B/W Film

Compact Developing Tank 2 Spiral Reel For Processing 120 135 126 127 B/W Film

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Compact 120 135 Negative Film Developing Tank With Two Spirals

Equipped with two multi-format self-feed spirals. The simultaneous rotating and undulating movements of the spirals ensure that the chemical runs uniformly inside the tank, which can be accommodated the 2 rolls of 135/35mm films at a time or 1 roll of 120 film.

Developing Tank:
Unbreakable plastic tanks for developing 120, 135, black and white and colour films. Heat-resistant, watertight and opaque to light. Chemical solution requirements are shown on the tank bases.
Chemical contained: With the spiral reels, it can loaded 650ml.

2 Spirals:
Manufactured in plastic. Heat-resistant up to 100º C. Quick and safe loading system. A small stainless steel ball housed in the film entry track ensures an anti-backward movement blocking system. Processing for 135/35mm, 120/220, 126, 127 colour and B&W formats. The spirals will fit the Paterson tanks. Compatible with other tanks on the market.

1x Developing Tank and 2x Spirals.
2 pair rubber gloves.

Attention: When you want to develop 2 rolls 120 film at a time, please use the separator. If not, please remove the separator when processing developing.

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