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Darkroom Film Processing Rotation Processor Machine Automatic for Jobo 1520 2520 Paterson AP Developing Tank

Darkroom Film Processing Rotation Processor Machine Automatic for Jobo 1520 2520 Paterson AP Developing Tank

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  1. Rotating cycle: Forward 8s, stop 1s, then reverse rolling 8s. Stop when preset time ran out.
  2. Time range: 1-30 minutes, time counting LED display.
  3. Speed range: 0%-100% selective. About speed adjustment steps, please take the product instruction as reference.
  4. Max RPM: 281 RPM (revolution per minute). Factory setting is 50% RPM.
  5. Loading gear: 10-16cm, adjust to fit different tank length.
  6. Rotating gear: 4 pieces pack with a green rubber ring, which is slip-proof, and each 2 rings belong to the same side distance adjustable, to accommodate different tanks. It is suggested that 2 sides rubber ring position should be staggered, it will allow the chemical rinses more evenly.
  7. Size: 26.7x11.5cm/10.51x4.52 inches.
  8. The head side is LED display, the end side is the opposite.


  1. Compare with manual one, an automatic rotation processor allows chemicals distributed in film more evenly, and save much chemicals.
  2. Timeadjustable, accommodating different requests.
  3. Buzzer setting inside, once the time up, it will buzz to rising attention, free up time to complete more work.
  4. The bottom of the end side has 2 screws, which allows height adjustment. When load a long length tank like 3/5 reels 120/135 tank, it may slip off. Problem can be solved in this way: dismount the end side loading gear, and raise by adjusting these two screws.


  1. Compatibility: All series tanks like Jobo1505,1510, 1520, 2520, 2509......; Paterson Osiris F1; AP; JC......
  2. Not compatible: Too big and too heavy tank, like Jobo tank 3010. Please confirm before place order.
  3. Material: Anti-corrosivemetal.
  4. Package: 1x auto rotating base, comes with screws wrench, Allen keys and power adapter.

Attention: Please do not soak the machine in water.

PS: Power plug model will be sent according to buyer country's universal model, like UK, US, EU standard plug. The auction does not include tanks.

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