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Replacement Bellows For Linhof 2x3 M679 View Medium Format Technical Camera

Replacement Bellows For Linhof 2x3 M679 View Medium Format Technical Camera

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Professional Made Bellows For Linhof M679
Product: Replacement bellows.
Suitable for: Linhof M679 medium format camera.
Material: Two layers synthetic fiber cloth with special coating to avoid light leakage
Bellows color: Black, red, blue or green.
Warranty: One year
Attention: This is for 110x110mm opening. It seems there have different model size for M679 bellows, so after you bid, please send us your macro extension tube model.

Our bellows workshop has been established for more than ten years! In the past ten years, we have continuously improved our technology and processes, as well as the use of better materials, supplemented by computer design and the use of laser cutting machines, making our bellows dimensions more accurate, more durable, and more beautiful. Our bellows has won the favor of the professional photographers and photography enthusiasts, and it also enjoys a reputation in major large format photography forums. At the same time, we also provide bellows for some large format camera factories and large format camera repair shop.

The bellows we made are use high-density fabrics with special light leak-proof coatings. Compared to the old style leather bellows, it is characterized by its thinness and lightness, and it is also extremely durable! Bellows materials are available in black and red, please tell us after purchase, otherwise we will ship it randomly. In addition to the regular models, we accept custom made bellows any size up to 24x24 inches. As you may know that production of bellows is handcraft work, so the productivity is difficult to meet the requirements of market demand. Some common models have a certain amount of inventory, but most of them are not. There are thousands of large format cameras in the world, and it is not possible to have stocks for each model. In general, 4x5 bellows takes 3-5 days, 5x7 and 8x10 takes 5-8 days, ultra large format may takes 2-3 weeks. So, please wait with patience, thank you!

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