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Self Adhesive Custom Light Seal Foam Sponge Kits For Nikon FM FM2 FE FE2

Self Adhesive Custom Light Seal Foam Sponge Kits For Nikon FM FM2 FE FE2

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Custom Light Seal Kit fits the Nikon FM FM2 FE FE2 Film Cameras High-Density Sponge

Function: For Nikon FM FM2 FE FE2 camera light seal replacement. With time by, film camera light seal foam aging and lead to light leakage, we have to replace new light proof seal.


1.Made with quality Neoprene foam. 100% Synthetic material. 100% Cruelty-free.

2.Precise cutting dies are developed for each model, each parts are cut by precise cutting dies to fit camera, precise and flat.

3.Save your time and effort in replacing the old and deteriorated seals.

4.High quality 3M double sided tape used. 

5.HIGH-DENSITY Foam Imported From Japan, superior quality. Packing and Cutting in China.

6.Multiple kits ensure a successful installation.

Package: (The camera is not included.)

Seal foam sheet x1

Bamboo stick x1

Carbon fiber tweezers x1

Cotton swab x1

Installation manual x1


Sizes are exact match for Nikon FM FM2 FE FE2. These kits are readymade, you don't have to do anything in it(all cuts are already made in it). Purchase it and put it straightway to your camera.

Installing the kit on your camera is very simple,We have provided 3 foam kits in one set so you don't have to worry if you waste one or two foam kit. Please follow the installation. Even if you fail to install the first or second kit, we strongly believe in the third kit must be able to install successfully.


Please allow 24 hours for the adhesive layer to cure, i.e. open the film door and let the foam sit for a day. 
Replacing camera light seal takes time and patient. We suggested to use a piece of paper as shutter protective film to prevent damage to the shutter curtain during application.

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