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1 Pair Film Picker Leader Retriever Extractor Removal 35mm/135 Negative Cassette

1 Pair Film Picker Leader Retriever Extractor Removal 35mm/135 Negative Cassette

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Feature: Easy to retrieve film lead out from the cartridge, and protect the film.
For the normal film has been rolled in accidentally, it is 100% drawable. But for the following special film, even the most professional film picker may not work.
1. The film head is deformed.
2. Film packed separately or less than 36pcs. The film is thinner than normal one, so we need to keep trying for several times.
3. For film subpackage. It roll tightly, so the first piece of film picker is a little hard to insert.
4. 135 film perforation broken. Films may entangle and lock, so the second piece of picker may hard to insert.
5.If films break, the picker can not work.

1. First piece insert, the bent side towards down.
2. Second piece bent side towards down also, then inserting the head of second piece from the bottom of first one.
3. In the direction of the film roll, turning the film counterclockwise slowly, stopping when you hear a slight "click".
4. Pinch the film canister and spool to prevent rolling by right hand, then left hand thrust the second piece into canister quickly.
5. Hold the canister and loose the spool, pull out the 2 pieces film picker. Pulling action can not be too slow or too fast.

Size: Approx. 8.5x5.3cm.
Color: Black.
Material: Plastic.
Package: 1 pair film picker.

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